Almond Joy Coupons

Almond Joy Coupons

Almond Joy candy bars have been a favorite with candy lovers for many years. You probably remember the old TV ads which featured "sometimes you feel like a nut..." Those are the times you want to rip open an Almond Joy and enjoy the coconut, almonds and chocolate. Candy Coupons will save you money on single bars or family packs of this beloved treat.

Hershey's makes the Almond Joy bar, and its coconut center is only part of what people love about them. They also have the almonds, of course, and then they are covered with milk chocolate. They are the "sister" product to the Mounds bar, which has no almonds, and dark chocolate to tempt you, instead of milk chocolate. The designs and packaging of both candies is similar, except one is red and the other is blue. Printable coupons from this site, the premier candy coupon site online, will help save you money on these delicious candies.

Online Almond Joy Coupons

The company that originally made Almond Joy was Peter Paul, founded in 1919. That's a long time ago, and, many candy bars later, we still eat them up. There was a world-wide shortage of coconut and sugar after World War II, so the company dropped many of their brands, including Almond Joy, and concentrated on making just the Mounds bar. Online coupons allow you to try various types of candy bars, with Almond Joy being a perennial favorite.

When the 2000's arrived, the Hershey company started producing special versions of Almond Joy. Some of these were double chocolate, Pina Colada, white coconut key lime, toasted coconut and milk chocolate passion fruit. These all added to the flavor that people already loved. Almond Joy coupons are handy to use when you're stocking up for Halloween or a party, to keep the prices low.

One of the reasons that the Almond Joy bar, is so popular, is the fact that almonds are a popular nut. That was true generations ago, and it's still true today. One of the first trees ever to be cultivated was the almond tree, when the Greeks discovered the tasty nut. Online coupons such as Candy Coupons will make your taste buds happy for less.

Before the development of the Almond Joy bar, people used to (and still do, in places) eat sugared almonds. They were very popular confections, and one of the oldest candies we know of. They were well-loved in France, especially, and were often given as gifts to preachers and bishops. Printable coupons from this site will save you money on Almond Joy candy bars, and this is the single best site for Candy Coupons on the Internet.

You may not know that there are actually two different types of almonds. One is bitter and the other one is sweet. You can't buy bitter almonds easily in the United States, and almost all almond-based products use sweet almonds. Almond Joy is no different, using the sweeter variety to tempt your sweet tooth. Online coupons are helpful in stocking up for your family.

Almond Joy candy bars also have health benefits. The almonds contain vitamins, potassium, magnesium, folic acid and calcium. No one will ever plan a diet around candy bars, but as long as you want to snack, it helps that there is something wholesome in your candy of choice. Discounts and discount codes will save you money on Almond Joy candy bars.

Almonds are used in many types of culinary and confectionery desserts and candies, including types of almond pastes, like marzipan. Macaroons are also made with almonds. None of these yummy products are competition for Almond Joy, and free coupons for M&M Almond Coupons will allow you to add them to your shopping list, with less money out of your pocket.

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