Hershey Coupons

Hershey Coupons

Say the name “Hershey” and what do you think of? Chocolate, of course. In fact, they make more chocolate than any other company in North America. Not surprisingly, they are located in Hershey, PA, but you probably already knew that. The candy and other items made by Hershey are sold all around the world. Candy Coupons will make Hershey candies easier than ever to bring home.

Hershey's is not only the largest, but also one of the older companies making chocolate, in the US. Their chocolate bar is an American icon. When Milton Hershey started the company, he could hardly have imagined the empire that Hershey is today, with the candy company, in addition to Hersheypark, the amusement park with a chocolate theme, Hershey Entertainment & Resorts, and the Hershey Trust Company. They also own the Hershey Bears, which are a hockey team, and the stadium named Hersheypark. Buy a delicious piece of candy history more often, with Hershey Coupons.

Online Hershey Coupons

Milton Hershey started out with a Philadelphia candy shop, but it failed after only six years. So he went back to work, founding the Lancaster Caramel Company, using fresh milk in scrumptious caramels. He sold that company, and moved on to chocolate. Within years, his home town of Derry Church became Hershey, Pennsylvania. That started a period of great growth for the company. When you use Hershey Coupons, not only are you using the best candy coupon site online, but you make buying sweets for your family more affordable and so much more delicious!

While the Hershey company sold sweet chocolate, Milton saw a fortune in selling products made from milk chocolate. He purchased a plant that processed milk, and later developed the process he would use for Hershey chocolates. The Hershey Kiss was introduced in 1907, originally hand-wrapped in foil. He added a machine to do the wrapping, and this machine also inserted the little paper ribbon on top of the foil. This told buyers that this was a genuine Hershey product. Free Hershey Coupons let you take these wonderful kisses to your sweetheart's house, for less money out of pocket and hopefully a few real kisses in return!

Today, about eighty million kisses are made every day the plant is in operation. The US Postal Service even made a Hershey Kiss stamp in 2007, which was the hundredth birthday of the candy. Hershey went on to made Hershey's syrup, Mr. Goodbars and Krackel bars. Online Candy Coupons, such as Dove Chocolate Coupons will save you money on your favorite Hershey candies.

Harry Reese used to work at the Hershey factory, and he figured out that if Hershey could sell as much chocolate as he did, Reese should be able to sell a smaller amount. He later sold candies that he marketed as being “made in Hershey”, and he would end up building a factory of his own. You can get the original Hershey treats less expensively with free Hershey Coupons something both your budget and sweet tooth will love!

If the name “Reeses” sounds familiar, that's because after World War II, when sugar was rationed, he changed his factory to manufacture peanut butter cups. Eventually, the Hershey company would buy out the Reese company. Hershey online coupons as well as Reeses Coupons are handy to use when you're hungry for some of the world's best chocolate.

There were once Hershey Chocolate plants in Ontario, Canada, and in Oakdale, California. The Oakdale plant closed in 2008, and another had been opened in Brazil, in 2002. Visitors to the Hershey, Pennsylvania plant can tour the visitors' center and take a simulated tour ride. Printable Coupons will make it less expensive to take chocolate as well as many other wonderful products home tonight from Loreal Shampoo, Gillette Razors, to even Lean Cuisine Meals. If you want something fast and easy, get your Pizza Hut Coupons tonight!

Hershey chocolate, is available nearly anywhere in the United States, since they have a wide distribution network. They use three huge centers of distribution, along with labor management and modern technology to get their candy to you. Luckily for you, there are Hershey Coupons to save you and your family money on the stuff you love!

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Hershey and any associated logos thereof are trademarks of Hershey Company Inc.