Junior Mints Coupons

If you're hungry for a bit of mint taste in chocolate, reach for a box of Junior Mints. They are small round mint fillings inside a coating of dark chocolate. You can purchase just a fun size box, or the larger twelve ounce box, depending on how hungry you are. Candy Coupons can bring the minty taste home for less.

Junior Mints were first brought out in 1949, by the company that at that time also made Milk Duds and Sugar Babies. The name Junior Mint is actually a pun from a collection of stories in The New Yorker, Junior Miss, by Sally Benson. The stories went on to Broadway, and the candy came along six years after it closed. That date of the Broadway play closing that is written on the box now is actually incorrect. You'll always feel right if you use a Junior Mints coupon to grab a box for a snack.

Online Junior Mints Coupons

Junior Mints have been a popular theater-size concession for years. The company was bought by Nabisco in 1963, and ended up being owned by Tootsie Roll Industries, who still makes them today. Candy Coupons, the best candy coupon site online, will save you a mint on Junior Mints.

Each day, more than fifteen million Junior Mints are made. The Tootsie Roll company also manufactures Junior Caramels, and some other limited edition mints, like Mints for Valentine's Day, Pastels for Easter, Christmas Mints and Senior Mints. You can buy little boxes or theater size boxes, and they sell very well at the movies. Junior Mints are world travelers, being sold in Australia, at K-Mart and IGA stores in the country. Buy them closer to home with a Junior Mint online coupon, to save some bucks.

Junior Mints, are actually not a vegetarian food, in case people wonder. They are made with gelatin, which is a type of thickener made from boiling animal bones and hides. They are vegetarian foods in the United Kingdom, since they use agar instead of gelatin. Online Candy Coupons, the best candy coupon site on the web, will save you money when you purchase Junior Mints for your family.

If you have ever watched Seinfeld, new or in reruns, you probably remember the episode “The Junior Mint”, when a mint offered from Kramer to Jerry flies through the observation area above an operating room and lands inside the patient on the table. It's hard to believe Jerry didn't want a Junior Mint, because, as Kramer says, they're refreshing. Candy Coupons and discount codes will save you money on the mint that everyone likes.

If your sweet tooth needs dark chocolate and mint, the best choice are Junior Mints and Tootsie roll which you can get with Tootsie Roll Coupons, which happen to be America's favorite creamy mints. You can even buy jumbo-sized Junior Mints, or Junior Mints Deluxe, with a fondant peppermint center. They are “initialed” with a “JM” in the chocolate, and that makes them great for gifts. Free coupons like Swedish Fish Coupons make these special mints a lower priced gift idea.

If you would like a smaller mint instead of a larger mint, grab some Junior Mint Minis, because even a little mint can go a long way. They have the same taste as their larger relatives, just in a smaller size, that's also handy for dieters and recipes. Take some home with printable coupons.

Inside Outs from Junior Mints have peppermint coating and chocolate centers. They give you the same taste as the originals, but you get the mint taste first instead of last. They're a great uptake on the classic candy. Online coupons make your Junior Mints cheaper, whether they are right-side-out or inside-out.

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