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“Gimme a break...” The song is contagious, and so is the taste of the candy bar. It originated in England, and now is manufactured and marketed by Nestle, worldwide. Each individual bar has three wafer bars, covered with chocolate. You can snap each finger off one at a time, to eat them easily. Save money by using Kit Kat Coupons.

You can buy Kit Kat bars in over 17 countries, including Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Venezuela, Mexico and some other countries in Europe and Asia. In the US, the Hershey Company makes them, even though they are competitors of Nestle. You can get the best prices by using online coupons for this great candy treat, from this site , the top site on the web for candy coupons.

Online Kit Kat Coupons

In 2003, Kit Kat ran into sales problems, as did most other confections, since dieting and healthier eating stepped to the forefront. The solution that Nestle came up with was to make special or limited editions, each only being available for several months. This reversed the sales problems at the time, and the same plan is used by many chocolate companies worldwide. Bring home your favorite Kit Kat for less with Candy Coupons.

As a result of the limited runs, there are newer varieties and flavors of Kit Kat bars, worldwide. Some have been hits, and some have been flops, so the newer releases aren't done as much today as they were back then. Printable coupons and online coupons alike will allow you to spend less on Kit Kats for your family and friends.

In 2006, the dark chocolate Kit Kat became the bigger seller in the UK, since dark chocolate, has health benefits that milk chocolate doesn't. These Kit Kats have four fingers instead of three, as well. Hershey has also sold dark chocolate four-finger Kit Kats in the United States, too, but only as a limited edition.

The advertising and packaging of Kit Kats in the United States is different, since it's done by Hershey and not Nestle, due to previous agreements. You can also find the Nestle, imported version of Chunky Kit Kats at specialty shops in some areas in the United States. Candy Coupons will lower the price you pay for imported or “domestic” Kit Kat bars.

The all-American jingle of “Gimme a Break...” for Kit Kat bars has been used since 1986 in the United States. Many various singers have covered the song, and also people who have been in the ads. It has been called an “earworm”, which refers to bits of a melody that won't leave your head. Kit Kat online coupons as well asHershey Coupons from this site , the best candy coupon site on the web, will save you money on this great, crunchy snack.

In 2009, we learned that the Kit Kat four finger bars would be made using FairTrade chocolates, in Ireland and Britain. This means that the money for the cocoa will help the farmers who actually grow it, giving them fair wages for their crops. You can use free <Candy Coupons to purchase Kit Kat bars at a lower price.

There have been more than a few different varieties of Kit Kats made. Some were kept in the line, and some were not. Some are specific to individual countries, and some are used in more widespread areas. Kit Kat orange was one of the first various flavors, and it came out in 1996 in the UK. After that came the Kit Kat Dark and then the Kit Kat Mint. They were available in multipacks of two fingers, with the Kit Kat White and Kit Kat original bars. Printable coupons, like Baby Ruth Coupons will allow you to grab special run bars as well as the originals.

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