Milky Way Bar Coupons

Milky Way Bar Coupons

The Milky Way bar has been popular for as long as most of us can remember. It’s made by the Mars Candy company. The U.S. version has chocolate-malt flavored nougat with caramel and milk chocolate, but this same bar is sold as Mars bars in foreign markets. The Milky Way Bar sold in other countries is actually more similar to what U.S. candy enthusiasts would call the Three Musketeers bar, since it doesn’t have the caramel topping. Milky Way Bar Coupons will send you home with your favorite candy for less money.

The original Milky Way Bar was originally made in Minnesota, and it was the first of the filled chocolate bars to be commercially distributed. The taste and name come from the milkshake of that day, known as the malted milk. The name does not come from the galaxy that holds our planet, as many think. Candy Coupons will get you a better deal on a Milky Way Bar.

Online Milky Way Bar Coupons

Shortly after its introduction, the Milky Way Bar came in two different flavors, those being vanilla and chocolate. They sold for a nickel apiece. For awhile, the Milky Way Bar had a vanilla half and a chocolate half, but a few years later, chocolate and vanilla were parted, never to be paired together again. This site, the best Candy Coupons online, has printable coupons to save you some bucks on these great candy bars, Skittles Coupons and Kit Kat Coupons.

The Milky Way Bar that was made in vanilla flavor with Dark Chocolate was not actually done away with, but rather renamed, and called the Forever Yours Bar. This candy bar sold until 1979, when they discontinued the flavor. It returned in 1989 with another name, the Milky Way Dark Bar, and in 2000 was renamed again, to what we know today as the Milky Way Midnight Bar. Use Candy Coupons to stock up on Milky Way Bars whenever friends are coming over.

There was a limited edition Milky Way Bar released in 2010 that had no nougat, and is simply caramel with a chocolate covering. It’s called the Milky Way Simply Caramel Bar. Discounts and discount codes are handy to have, to save money on your favorite candy bars.

Since the 1980’s, when people began to eat more healthy foods, it has been harder to market candy in many parts of the world. Instead of being marketed as food that will not fill you up too much between meals, it’s marketed as food that will curb your appetite between each meal. Online coupons from this site, the best candy coupon site on the net, will save you real money on candy.

If you’re a fan of the Milky Way Bar, you can include it in recipes that will tempt everyone in the house. Milky Way Turtles are chunky, chocolaty treats that also make great gifts for neighbors, co-workers or friends. Use free coupons to stock up on Milky Way Bars for recipes, too.

The ingredients for Turtles:

1 bag of Milky Way Bar mini’s, with the wrappers removed, and the bars chopped up.

In addition, you will need
12 ounces of sweetened and condensed milk
2 cups of pecan pieces
1 stick of margarine or butter
1 bag of Dove Dark Chocolate Promises with the wrappers removed

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Melt your Milky Way Mini’s, along with the butter and condensed milk, in the top pan of a double boiler. Blend it until the consistency is smooth. Remove the mixture from heat, and add the nuts, then refrigerate for twenty minutes. Make spoonful drops on wax paper, and freeze for about fifteen minutes. Chop up the Dove Promises. Melt 2/3 of the Dove bars in the top part of your double boiler, and after they are melted, remove them from heat right away, and add the rest of your Dove chocolate. Stir this all together until all your chocolate is melted. Dip your Milky Way mixture in the chocolate with a fork, one drop at a time. Place your turtles on a wax paper-lined tray and freeze them until they are firm.

No one can resist Milky Way Bar and Dove turtles! Take some online coupons to the store with you, and make this treat for your friends.

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