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MM Almond Coupons

M&M Almond candies are perhaps one of the lesser-known of the various types of M&M's. The name comes from the surnames of the people who founded the company, Bruce Murrie and Forrest Mars. M&M's are cute little candies, shaped like buttons, although the almond variety are larger than most of the others. Each M&M almond candy, along with every other variety, has a lower case letter “m” in white on the shell. Use Candy Coupons to grab these candies for a lower price.

There are many different fillings in M&M’s, including not just almond, but also dark chocolate, milk chocolate, mint chocolate, crisped rice, orange chocolate, peanuts, pretzel, coconut, peanut butter and wild cherry. Although they were originally made and marketed in the US, they are now found in more than 100 countries worldwide. Candy Coupons will cut down on your candy budget.

Online M&M's Almond Coupons

The founder of the Mars Candy Company, Forrest Mars, had the inspiration for the M&M almond and other varieties when he witnessed soldiers eating pellets made from chocolate, with a hard shell around the softer insides. The hard shell kept the chocolate inside from melting in the soldiers’ hands, and this gave Mr. Mars the idea that would become M&M’s. M&M Almond coupons, as well as M&M Almond Coupons from this site, the top candy coupon site online, will save you money whenever you crave these great candies.

Mars obtained a patent in 1941 for his candy process, and they started making M&M’s in New Jersey. Since the Hershey company had control over the rationed amounts of chocolate, that was the type they used. The original five colors were violet, green, brown, yellow and red. They actually were first packaged in cardboard tubes. The printable coupons you find online will help you to bring home more M&M Almond candies for less money.

Production was ramped up in World War II, since the candy was practical for soldiers at war overseas to eat in harsh conditions. In fact, while the war was on, they were only sold to military buyers. In addition, the packaging went from cardboard to cellophane after the war. Discounts and discount codes are handy to use, to grab these treats for your friends and family.

During the 1950’s, a research institute in the Midwestern United States was working for the M&M company, and they developed a process that allowed 3300 pounds of M&M centers to be coated each hour. They introduced M&M Peanut in 1954, and they had the same colors as plain M&M’s by 1960. M&M Almond Coupons will give you a great deal on a super candy.

In the mid 1970’s, they stopped making red M&M’s for a time, because there were concerns about the carcinogenic properties possibly contained in the red dye. They replaced red with orange. In fact, the dye used in M&M’s was not even the FD&C color that was of concern, but they were afraid people would worry nonetheless. Use free coupons from this site to save money on your grocery bill. This is the premier site for candy coupons online, like Junior Mints Coupons.

M&Ms were introduced to a wider market in 1980, including Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, the UK and many other European countries. M&M Almond candies were marketed for a time before the 1960’s; they were phased out for a time, and them re-introduced in 1988. They were a specialty item, only found during the seasons of Easter and Christmas. In 1992, M&M Almond became a staple of the regular production line.

Currently, the red and yellow M&M’s are the spokescandies for the brand. Red is cynical, and Yellow is gullible and happy. The company touted their brand as the official candy for the next millennium, since the double letter m’s “MM” are the Roman numerals for 2000. M&M Almond candies continue to be favorites among all the other types of M&Ms available. Online Candy Coupons give you excellent buys on this M&M favorite. >

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