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M&M’s have been family favorites since their introduction in 1941. Originally they were only made and sold in the United States, but now they are available in more than 100 countries. They have many different types of centers, including milk and dark chocolate, almonds, peanuts, coconut and other favorites. Candy Coupons let you take more M&M's home for a lower price.

Most people have always called the original M&M’s flavor “plain”. But in 2000, it was renamed “Milk Chocolate”, and they added candy picture pieces to the packaging, which before that time had been simply brown and white. Free coupons from this site such as, Milky Way Bar Coupons, or Almond Joy Coupons, the best Candy Coupons site online, will save you money on your M&M's, Milky Way Bar and Almond Joy.

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M&M Dulce de Leche were introduced in July 2001, in five largely Hispanic market areas. The flavor never caught on, and they were basically out of production by 2003. This flavor had more fat than the other kinds of M&M’s, which may have been one reason why they never caught on. M&M's coupons will let you get your hands on these tasty candies for less money.

Mars asked people what new color they wanted in 2002, after blue was voted in some time before. The new choices were purple, pink and aqua. Purple was the winner, and this color was featured in M&M’s for a limited time. You can use online coupons to bring down the cost of these great snacks.

After 2005, you could find M&M’s in 17 colors if you buy online, and you can personalize the phrases that are stamped on them. Your personalization will go on the opposite side of the “m” that graces all the candy shells. They were originally intended just to be a holiday offering, and came out the first time near the Christmas season, but they were so popular that they now offer them year round. This site has printable coupons, to save you some bucks, and they are the premier Candy Coupons.

Another brand came to the market in 2005, when Mega M&M’s entered the scene. These are more than 50% bigger than traditional M&M candies, are you can get them in plain (now called Milk Chocolate) or peanut. The colors of Mega M&M’s are not as bright as traditional M&M’s, either. Grab some free coupons to get a better deal on M&M's.

Dark chocolate M&M’s were released again in 2006, in a purple bag, and a year later, were followed by Peanut dark chocolate M&M’s. They released White Chocolate M&M’s in 2006 as well, since it was tied-in to their promotion for the motion picture Pirates of the Caribbean. M&M's online coupons are handy to take to the store, to save you money on your favorite candies.

M&M’s were also offered in new flavors online and at M&M World locations. These varieties were Cookie Minster, Nut What You Think, AlmonDeeLicious, Mint Condition, Orange-U-Glad, A Day at the Peach, Eat, Drink & Be Cherry and All that Razz.

You’d think that Valentine M&M’s would be red, right? Well, in 2008, they introduced bags containing only green M&M’s, since it had long been joking folklore that the green M&M’s are aphrodisiacs. They were back out for V-Day 2009, along with a contest called “Ms. Green Heats Up Valentines Day”.

In 2008, we saw M&M’s Premiums for the first time. They have five flavors, including triple chocolate, raspberry almond, mocha, mint chocolate and chocolate almond. They are marketed in small cartons that stand upright, with the candies in a bag inside. The Premiums do not have the traditional candy shell – rather, they are coated with carnauba wax and coloring. Use Candy Coupons to save money on this perennial favorite.

Shimmering M&M’s made their appearance in 2009, only available as custom printed candies. These colors are finished with a pearlescent look. Also in 2009, the M&M’s Color Break Up Australian promotion started. In this promotion, colors were sold in individual, separate packs, with one for each of the colors. There was a code included in each pack that could win the buyer a prize. Online coupons will let you buy this candy prize for less money.

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