Skittles Coupons

Skittles Coupons

Skittles are a great fruit flavored candy, and they're marketed by a division of Mars, Inc. Their hard sugary shells have a letter “s” on them, and the inside is mostly sugar, with fruit juice and other flavors. They were originally made by a British confectioner in 1974, and they came to North America in 1979. Candy Coupons are available to lower their price.

Skittles started being made in the U.S. in 1982, and they've come a long way. As of 2009, their website is an overlay with choices to check out Facebook and Twitter, along with the Skittles YouTube channel. This has made them more accessible and more in people's minds. Use Candy Coupons to bring Skittles home to your family.

Online Skittles Coupons

Skittles are not an old candy on the scene. They are sold around the world, though, and more than two hundred billion Skittles are made every day. Skittles coupons from this site, the top candy coupon site on the web, will let you buy more Skittles and Snickers using our Skittles Coupons or Snickers Coupons for less.

The original Skittles flavors were grape, strawberry, orange, lime and lemon. There have been new flavors released, too, like sour, wild berry and tropical. Printable coupons can be used on special Skittles flavors, too. Skittles Smoothies were introduced in 2005, with special flavors of strawberry banana, peach pear, orange mango, mixed berry and lemon berry.

The colors of Skittles don't always mean the same flavors, depending on what country you're in. Purple Skittles are grape in North America, but everywhere else they are flavored like blackcurrant. Green in the U.S. is lime, except for one year, 2001, when it was green apple for a short time. Skittles online coupons from Candy Coupons will save you some bucks, from the premier candy coupon site on the Internet.

Skittles bubble gum was started in 2004, with the same shell but gum inside. This made the candy even more of a kids' favorite than it already was. The normal centers of Skittles are fruity and a little sour, and they are easy to take on picnics and outings, since they won't melt. Discounts and discount codes will get you all these different types of Skittles.

The process of creating a Skittle takes almost eight hours. The chewy center is made first, and then it is coated with a sugary shell. That process is known as panning. Then the shells are blended and polished and the logo “s” is printed on each Skittle. Then they are bagged and sent off to be sold. Skittles online coupons will save you money, and you'll discover how much easier they are to eat than to make.

The Skittles identity is “Taste the rainbow”, and you can find them in over 65 countries. They are still available in many areas, and are very popular. The European Skittles are made in the Czech Republic, and for New Zealand and Australian markets, they are made in Victoria. Candy Coupons to save money on Skittles, for your friends and family.

Many people have fond memories of Skittles, even though they haven't been around all that long. Some people can even remember the first time they had Skittles. Perhaps you were hungry and bored and your mom tossed the Skittles pack your way. You no doubt noticed all the cheery colors, but not for long, because then you started popping them in your mouth, and enjoying each flavor. Many people have been hooked since the first time they tried Skittles, and if you have a small bag, some people just open the end and dump them into your mouth – don't try too many at one time, though. Candy Coupons will let you keep Skittles always on hand.

Some younger people may remember being given Skittles by their boyfriend or girlfriend, since they are a great candy to share. Perhaps you walked to the candy store near your school, to buy a bag to enjoy together. Some women said that their beaus even put a love note on Skittles and gave them to the girls for Valentines Day. Use online coupons to make these love-note Skittles with Dove Chocolate Coupons a bargain.

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